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Formed by the Benedictine monastic tradition, 十大网投靠谱网站首页的信徒在世界上以基督门徒的身份寻求上帝. By obedience to Catholic teaching, 忠实于礼仪祈祷,并根据十大网投靠谱网站首页登录的神圣规则不断改变生活, oblates seek union with God and growth in charity toward one’s neighbor. 这项工作是在与十大网投靠谱网站首页的修士的精神交流中进行的,他们希望上帝在一切事情上都能得到荣耀, and that together we may come to life everlasting.

What is an Oblate of 十大网投靠谱网站首页登录?

十大网投靠谱网站首页登录的信徒是基督徒,他们以某种方式经历了拥抱本笃会灵性的召唤. After a time of prayer and discernment they have desired a more formal, permanent commitment to a monastic community. 通过与修道院团体的交流,向基督做出正式的自我奉献, 扁圆包含了久经考验的本笃会的传统和价值观. 殉道者与修道会的祈祷和善行结合在一起,他们在世上继续活出基督徒的圣召.

What does "oblate" mean?

“扁圆的”这个词来自一个拉丁词根,意思是提供礼物或倾吐. In the monastic context it is referring to the total gift of self to Christ. 在安吉尔山修道院,修道院的奉献总是在圣体礼仪的背景下进行, 因为献上的人是将他或她的生命奉献给基督,在他完美和完全的献祭中赞美神, our heavenly Father.

What does an oblate do?

十大网投靠谱网站首页的本笃会教友被鼓励每天以某种形式的礼拜仪式祈祷, as well as practice daily Lectio Divina and reading of the Holy Rule. 我们希望主教们能活出他们本笃会的祈祷圣召,并在他们的堂区积极地服务, their business or professional associations, and in their family and social relationships.

Does an oblate make vows?

No, oblation is not a juridical or legal commitment. Monastic oblation is, 然而, 在教会面前作出的公开和庄严的承诺,与某一特定的修道团体产生精神上的联系. 奉献是为了帮助一个人完成受洗的誓言. 十大网投靠谱网站首页登录教导说,他的生活准则是帮助基督徒更忠实地活出福音的一种方式.

Oblate Retreats at the 宾馆


For the majority of the retreats that begin on Friday evenings, 静修者准时到达修道院教堂,参加晚祷和敬拜至圣礼:下午5:15开始. Dinner follows, then compline (also in the Abbey church). 在投诉后进行欢迎和第一次会议. The retreat follows the monastic horarium (schedule), with retreatants joining the monks for Holy Mass and the Divine Office. Meals are silent, served buffet or family style in the retreat house dining room, accompanied by spiritual reading.

Silence ends with breakfast on Sunday. 许多静修将包括在修道团体的周日圣体圣事庆祝活动中举行的最后奉献仪式. 之后会举行一个光明的招待会,接着是四次精神会议的最后一次. Before this final presentation, 那些希望开始成为十大网投靠谱网站首页本笃会扁形的过程可以通过参加扁形新手的诱导来完成, 在那里他们会得到他们自己的圣本尼迪克的神圣规则并得到祝福. The retreats conclude with the noon meal, at which retreatants have an opportunity to visit with one another, and make plans for their next visit to the monastery.

(Retreats are limited to oblates and those interested in becoming oblates.)

St的扁圆. 本笃是基督徒,他们以某种方式经历了接受本笃会灵性的召唤. After a time of prayer and discernment they have desired a more formal, permanent commitment to a monastic community. 通过与修道院团体的交流,向基督做出正式的自我奉献, 扁圆包含了久经考验的本笃会的传统和价值观. 殉道者与修道会的祈祷和善行结合在一起,他们在世上继续活出基督徒的圣召.

想了解更多关于成为一名大学生的信息,或者如果你需要经济援助, please email 阿里尔(merrill Lynch), Associate Director of 扁.

To register for a retreat, email


Oblate Weekend Retreat Rates:
$115 Commuter per person

February 2-4, 2024
In Heaven as it is on Earth: Learning to Live the Trinity
Oblate retreat led by Br. Anselm Flores, O.S.B.

Stations of the Cross, 9:30 to 11:30 am
Led by Hispanic 扁

May 24-26, 2024
New heavens and a new earth – Isaiah’s message of Hope
Br. Isaiah Vargas, O.S.B.

June 13-16, 2024
Oblate Study Days with Christin McIntyre
Marian Mental Health and Spiritual Warfare
$385 single occupancy; $570 double occupancy.
Early arrivals (evening before) – $440 single occupancy; $660 double occupancy.

$15; free for children under 18.

September 20-22, 2024
Luminous Darkness: Encountering Christ in Uncomfortable Scriptures
Oblate retreat led by Br. Ambrose Stewart, O.S.B.

November 8–10, 2024
Oblate retreat led by Br. Matthew Sislow, O.S.B.

Oblate Sundays in 2024
1月14日, 2月11日, 3月10日, 4月14日, 5月12日, 6月9日, 8月11日, 9月8日, 10月13日, 11月10日, 12月15日.

和平! In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 阿门. I offer myself to Almighty God, 献给圣母玛利亚和本笃神父作为十大网投靠谱网站首页的主教, 十大网投靠谱网站首页登录, Oregon; and I solemnly promise, before God and His saints, 我的生活的改革,以便更完美地奉献自己的爱上帝和邻居. This I will do by God’s grace, according to the Holy Rule of 十大网投靠谱网站首页登录, in so far as my state in life permits. 阿门.” (Form of Monastic Oblation)


主教理事会致力于促进十大网投靠谱网站首页主教的使命. 这是通过辨别圣灵的呼召和方向来完成的, advising the Abbot and Director of 扁, and supporting oblate group leaders and all oblates.

扁委员会 Members

Director of 扁
Fr. John Paul Le, O.S.B.

Assistant Oblate Director
Br. 杰西·奥乔亚,O.S.B.

Assistant Oblate Director
Fr. Ephrem Martinez, O.S.B.
Spanish Program Director

Oblate Sunday Coordinator
Fr. John Paul Le, O.S.B.

Associate Director of 扁 – Inquiry and Formation
阿里尔(merrill Lynch)


Appointed Members of the 扁委员会

丹 & 唐娜贝文
Vancouver, Washington

迈克尔 & Cheryl Schwartz

Stayton, Oregon

Eileen McCurry-Hays

Fabiola Camacho


安吉尔山修道院有幸拥有超过600位与它的僧侣有精神联系的信徒. These men and women live in many different states and provinces, and all find a spiritual home at Mount Angel Abbey. 那些住在修道院附近的人可以经常和僧侣们一起祈祷和工作. 那些远离修道院的人通常每年都能来一次或两次. Whether near or far, 通过修道奉献的精神纽带,所有人都彼此相通,也与修道院里的僧侣相通.

这种精神上的联系或交流在信徒们聚在一起祈祷时得到证实和加强, 工作, study and fellowship in small groups away from the Abbey. Group participation is optional, 但这是通过同胞们的热情和努力提供给同胞们的机会. 一些团体聚会是为了学习圣规或分享祈祷时间. 其他的团体将聚在一起享受一顿美餐,并在一天中适当的神圣办公室的部分结束他们的聚会. Each group has its own character, 并且是由一个“小组领导”谁奉献他/她的时间和才能,以这项良好的工作促进. 只要有两个或两个以上的扁圆人愿意为此目的走到一起,就可以组成一个“扁圆人小组”. If you are in one of the areas which has an oblate group, please feel free to contact its facilitator. If you would like to participate in an existing group, or even begin a new one in your area, please contact the Director of 扁 for more information.

Regional 扁团体


Stayton, Oregon
St. Scholastica Deanery

Vancouver, Washington
St. 亨利学院院长的职位
Olsen, Christine

Richland, Washington
St. John Neumann Deanery
Owczarski, Elizabeth

Puyallup, Washington
St. Frances of Rome Deanery

Issaquah, Washington
St. Hildegard Deanery

Yakima, Washington
St. Raphael Deanery
Harrison, Steve

Medicine Hat, CANADA
St. Benedict Deanery
Avelar, microrna的


St. Anselm Online Deanery
Thursday evening.

St. 迈克尔’s Online Deanery
Sunday afternoon.